DT:Premiere | Sandra Mosh - Skogsrave [MOSH Musik] (incl. Q&A)

DT:Premiere | Sandra Mosh - Skogsrave [MOSH Musik] (incl. Q&A)

Swedish artist and National Radio presenter Sandra Mosh came to our attention a few months ago with her new label venture MOSH Musik. The title track from her forthcoming release called “Skogsrave” actually translates to “A rave in the woods” and was a no brainer for this DT:Premiere.

It begins with an infectious stomping rhythm, that is later stripped back to a soulful, hypnotic and melodic piece. Very much a peak time number, we are highly impressed and will be keeping a close eye on her productions to come as this sets a great tone for what is to come.

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Q&A with Sandra Mosh

> 01. What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
I first got the idea when I talked to some friends of mine who don’t go out much anymore. We talked about raves and they were kind of shocked that raves in the woods (the Swedish word for this is a skogsrave) were still a thing when I said there are loads of them during summer. And then also, the Swedish summer this year has been kind of a disappointment so I felt like an obligation to all the raves that were cancelled due to rain to make this track. So it’s a tribute you could say and when I hear it I can picture myself out in the woods on a nice little techno rave, so mission accomplished.

> 02. What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
That’s actually a really hard question, especially since I’m still searching for it personally. But I think the best you can do is just to make track after track after track. You’re gonna make stuff you don’t feel comfortable with later on, maybe even stuff you hate but eventually you will get there and it will feel like you. I sure hope so anyways haha

> 03. What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?
Right now I’m in love with Markus Suckut’s remix on Radio Slave’s The Clone Wars. Jackin’ techno perfection!

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