DT:Premiere | Dave Simon - Rodium (Mark Broom Remix) [Tauten]

DT:Premiere | Dave Simon - Rodium (Mark Broom Remix) [Tauten]

Tauten is a label from Serbia and ran by TKNO and that has seen contributions from many established techno names such as Samuel L. Session, Mr. Bizz, Eric Sneo, Spektre, Vegim and Alex Dolby to name only a few.

Their latest three track single comes Frankfurt fellow Dave Simon following well received releases for the likes of Dutch imprint Planet Rhythm, Driving Forces and AFU Limited. With the original are two remixes by the relentless UK legend Mark Broom and South Africa based artist D_Know.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is the Mark Broom remix of “Rodium” that starts with a looping and hypnotic flow, full of analogue warmth combined with gritty textures. Stripped back and raw, simplicity is the key here, using a deep tubular synth as the main hook that morphs and migrates its sound giving a brain workout with its abstract tones over the driving, jackin’ beat.

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TTN044 - Dave Simon - Rodium

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