DT:Premiere | Andre Crom - Tethys [Sleaze]

DT:Premiere | Andre Crom - Tethys [Sleaze]

The Latest offering on Glasgow based label Sleaze ran by Hans Bouffmyhre sees a debut contribution to the influential from Andre Crom.

Making a huge shift and moving to Berlin with frequent visits to Barcelona, has brought about his current sound and influenced his latest productions. The OFF Recordings label head has also started a new project called Voight that is picking up steam and one to keep a close eye on, as he gives us a taste of what’s to come.

Four distinctly different original tracks make up the Rhea EP. A combination of raw drive, edgy sounds and with a touch of euphoria for good measure show Andre’s devout knowledge of the dancefloor and how to create said weapons.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is “Tethys” that uses a punchy tom roll to get straight down to action. Shortly in, the modular, bleeping hook shines through and takes hold over waves of intensity. An anti-climactic crescendo spins the track on its head, using the break to reset and strip the layers back, it allows for another bout of power.

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SLEAZE135 - Andre Crom - Rhea EP

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