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Developer‘s label project Modularz is one of the most influential entities around. Launched in 2006 and based in Los Angeles, it has music from artists like Truncate, Oscar Mulero, Jonas Kopp, Eduardo De La Calle, Petter B and Tensal, to name a few. Their constant quality music what keeps blowing listeners minds.

Foreign Drum Sequences EP makes their twenty third release, which arrives from Italian producer CNCPT who is making his way up with exquisite productions and an excellent eye for detail in every track. His tunes travel through both deep and rhythmic waters and they are always good tools to have.

Foreign Drum Sequence 1” is born of a purring bass, vibrant lows and tons of well achieved percussions. The main melody comes from a chopped synth, a short stab with frequent atemporal appearance that expands and swings with delays and reverberant zones that will quickly get you going.

With a more complicated arrangement, the percussion on “Foreign Drum Sequence 2” is very embossed. Rhythmic closed hats add to the vibe and an expanding synth from the low section instantly turns in to a percussive melody that resembles what could be a Doppler effect!

The next tune carries a filtered melody from its core. A simple but tight kick pumping up sustains the delayed melody that easy expands toward the middle of the track. “Foreign Drum Sequence 3” could be the peak melodic part of the EP with awesome traveling atmosphere and excellent material for after hour fans.

Last of the foreigners… “Foreign Drum Sequence 4” has more raw ingredients in it. Based on pure percussion, it could easily work as a transition track with a classic machinery sound. A sub bass arrangement compliments the low section and works as a subconscious melody that packed full of thrusting power.

This is a fantastically consistent EP with fresh ideas and great ‘throwback’ material, inspiring creativity as well as being ultimately suitable for DJs and the club floor with it’s rampant pace and enthralling energy.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

MOD23 - CNCPT - Foreign Drum Sequences EP - B

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