DT:Premiere | Usurp - Soissons [Usurp]

Usurp are a secret collective of artists from Europe that have a high pedigree of associated labels under their belt. Boasting support from artists like Adam X, Ancient Methods, Lakker, Stanislav Tolkachev, Eric Cloutier and Electric Indigo, it’s clear to hear the quality behind this mysterious new project.

The fantastic launch release for the eponymous label called Romani Ite Domum involves some serious Techno and superb productions. More than dancefloor friendly, they relish a depth that’s enough to satisfy those who want that bit more with a creative and experimental edge.

The DT:Premiere we selected called “Soissons” has a hellish groove with a rough and hypnotic atmosphere that’s blends eeriness and industrial power at the same time.

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