DTR | Conor Krane - It Melts Off My Bones (incl. ARTM & Concrete Husband Remixes) - WHITEOWL003

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DTR | Conor Krane - It Melts Off My Bones (incl. ARTM & Concrete Husband Remixes) - WHITEOWL003

In a bustling corner of Brooklyn’s thriving music scene lies White Owl, a new label known for its passion for pushing the norms with its analogue ethos. Taking the stage for WOR003 is Conor Krane, one of the label’s founders, with his dazzling latest EP titled, It Melts Off My Bones.

Krane’s debut EP is a testament to his artistic versatility and keen ear for innovation. Featuring four original tracks, each brimming with personality and depth, it offers a glimpse into Krane’s sonic universe as well as having added kudos by London techno don Paul Mac on mastering duties.

From the ethereal vibes of the title track to the gritty allure of “Side Eye,” Krane showcases his ability to craft immersive soundscapes that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. Meanwhile, remixes by ARTM and Concrete Husband add fresh perspectives to Krane’s compositions, injecting their own unique flair into the mix.

ARTM’s reimagining of “It Melts Off My Bones” infuses the track with funky grooves and infectious energy, while Concrete Husband’s take on “Off Planet” strips things back to reveal the raw essence of Krane’s production.

With its throbbing beats, eerie touches, and sophisticated sound design, the EP pays homage to Krane’s devotion as a producer and his dedication to leaving an impression on fans of techno music as well as music connoisseurs. This is reflected in DJs supporting the release including Michael Klein, A.Paul, Takaaki Itoh, Hertz and Antonio De Angelis, amongst many others.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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