DTR | Dax J - The Invisible Man EP - MONNOM009

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DTR | Dax J - The Invisible Man EP - MONNOM009
London born Dax J has a growing reputation for his acid approach on Techno productions. Now Berlin based, the owner of Monnom Black features on the ninth release The Invisible Man EP. Since launching in 2013 there has also been cameo appearances from interesting names like Emmanuel, NX1, Mark Broom and Stranger for example.

The first piece in this release is “The Wonk” that’s built around a bassline that heats the bones and compliments the kick, pushing forward with a fierce pace. A stabbing rave fuelled melody follows a disco style cut. A vocal pad, percussive rhythms and killer clap combinations make this an excellent opening tune.

The Invisible Man” comes right after, with its more evident acid influence. A deep bassline remains growls in the low frequencies and vocal phrases announce a high pitched and eerie melody that grants a mysterious vibe to the track resembling something from a horror film.

Oldschool is a good word to describe track three, “Wir Leben Für Die Nacht” reminds me of late 90’s works, where almost every track was 132 bpm and higher. Loaded with vocal samples that act as the main melody loop, its pounding lows prevail with a crude rhythm section, that’s peak time through and through.

The Bounce” maintains the classic sound further with more thickness. It offers vocals again too, but this time as a short jab and less prominent than the others. It uses a beeping synth with a mixture between banging lows and a tight groove that could foretell the sound of Techno in a near future. Tweaking synths on the mids and sweeping noises make this a very complete track.

Dax produces here with no reservations, making a perfect cocktail of seriousness and managing to infuse an essential fun that’s ready for any dancefloor.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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