AWB (Auto White Balance)

AWB (Auto White Balance)

AWB is a key figure in Paris’ techno scene & co-founder of Taapion Records, together with Shlømo & PVNV. Indeed since 2013, AWB teamed up with his partners and started the label Taapion Records as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire like Sterac, Conforce, Antigone or Francois X.

Production wise, he had released his solo debut EP Celestial Longitude on Taapion one year ago. After this, he released tracks on Soma and Raw Imprint, both on various artists EP. His sound oscillates between deep / atmospheric techno and broken beats, with film scoring influence.

AWB makes a precise and intimate techno flow who seduces the dancefloor, mixing new and old vinyls range from deep, intricate techno, through an acid and groovy darkness with some melodic gems along the way. He joined the Blocaus roster two years ago and made his debut at Berghain in May 2017.

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