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Casual Treatment


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Mord / Axis / HAYES

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. The founding mantra of a society far away from the one we call our home. But not only that. Five words perfectly describing the variety, the meticulousness, the fine attention to detail delivered by a musical artist like few others – Melvyn Ortega also known as Casual Treatment.

Born in 1996, the young French has come a long way since his days practicing his skills on the decks on his own behind closed doors. For a few years now he’s been quietly sneaking his way through the auditory meatuses across Europe and way further. Fuelled by a firm sense for the rich history of electronic music, its distinctive yet ever-changing aesthetics, and a strong passion for the craftsmanship holding this musical culture together, Casual Treatment has worked himself up to his place in the frontline of a new generation of artists keeping our scene rolling.

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