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Frank Savio


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Frank, who is known under many different pseudonyms, committed his first steps in electronic music by mixing 2 vinyls on his grandfathers turntables. At this particular time, his passion for electronic music has been growing.

Now, almost 2 decades after his beginning, he earned a lot of national as well as international acclaim. Since his latest project “Frank Savio”, he allocated himself into a kind of driving techno scene.

Rolling bass drums and cutting bass lines characterise his productions, as well as his DJ sets.

Through his years of experience as a producer and DJ in various genres of electronic music, he cannot really be classified into one genre.

With his art of music, he is taking his listeners into a journey through electronic variations, which are telling an emotional story and are engrossing his audience every time. He tries to find a suitable answer for every situation, without drifting away from the topic. Rather, Frank is now living his big dream and lives his passion for electronic music with every breath.

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