“It’s about culture, about art, about music, about having a good time with likeminded people. It’s about coming together from all over the world to celebrate life. Thats what I discovered in night life, in electronic music.”

In 2012 Gutkind, today 23 years old, started DJing in the southern German city Ulm (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) at various locations. Growing up with classic Hip Hop of the 90s he is still influenced by Classic or 60s and 70s music. His frankness towards new styles made him gain more and more popularity in electronic dance music.

“The freedom and the room for interpretation offered by this kind of music is simply more than mind blowing.”

Focusing on Techno he creates his sets and productions with a wide range of diversity. As resident DJ, Gutkind played regularly at the SuCasa Club (Ulm, closed since March 2015). In the meantime he performs his sets all over Germany. So he was booked for a vast number of events between Oldenburg and Friedrichshafen, Cologne and Berlin playing alongside Ilario Alicante, Psyk, Oliver Deutschmann, Recondite, Dominik Eulberg, Einmusik, Butch, Santé,, Octo Octa and many more. Based in Cologne since 2015.

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