Pacou is a DJ and producer of electronic dance music from Berlin, Germany. He is best known for his output on Tresor Records and his long time residency at the Tresor club in Berlin.

Pacou was born and raised in Berlin. Back in 1989 the sounds of House and Techno music took off there. He became a music collector and went to many now legendary parties and club events, which greatly influenced his future career. In september 1996 he released his first record under the name “agent cooper” (on the label “Raw Music”) and shortly after his first single on Tresor as “Pacou”.

The following year 1997, Tresor released Pacou’s first album “Symbolic Language”, and he became a resident DJ at the club.

The year 1998 marked a substantial progress in both DJ and production aspects of his career. He started playing around Europe, Japan and Australia, and changed over to fulltime work on music and performing as DJ.

In 1998, Pacou founded his first own label “LL Records” to release some of his own material, and publish work of musical friends.

A third LP “State of mind” was released in 2000, furthermore singles on the labels Djax, Konsequent, Music Man and others. Tour dates again ranged from Brasil to Australia. Tresor released another single “Last Man Standing” in February 2004 and a whole album “The Berlin Sessions” produced with Juan Atkins in 2005.
He started another record label “Cache Records” in 2005, with 13 vinyl releases - similarly to “LL” it featured a number of musically related friends’ work and some of his own.

With more than 20 years of the residency at Berlin’s wellknown Tresor club, new 12″ vinyls appeared on the Tresor label 2011 and 2017, while tours with Live PA and DJ sets continued around Europe and with a new emphasis on South America.
In 2016, the bandcamp page for all backcatalogue releases was started and most of the previously released work can now be found there.
So far Pacou has played in more than 30 countries, and the story will continue… spreading the good vibe.

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