Paula Cazenave

Paula Cazenave

Combine Audio (Label Boss) / Symbolism / UNCAGE / Naked Lunch

Paula Cazenave is synonymous with techno, boasting a career that spans decades. Originally from San Sebastian-Donostia, she has called Barcelona home since 2003. From the late ’90s, Paula has graced the stages of top venues and festivals across Spain, Europe, and South America, including Awakenings, DGTL, Brunch in the Park, and Dreambeach.

Her journey began by balancing her studies in audiovisual production and sound technology with weekend gigs across the Basque Country. Upon relocating to Barcelona, Paula delved into DJing and event organisation, carving out a prominent space in the local scene, notably at La Cova.

As an artist, Paula is a true purist, known for her no-nonsense approach to DJing. Her sets embody the essence of old-school technique: fast, intelligent mixes, versatility, and eclecticism. She captivates listeners with relentless journies that traverse everything from groove, to dark, raw sounds, always leaving her unmistakable mark. While Paula’s style defies categorisation into a specific techno sub-genre, it consistently exudes power and energy, influenced by artists like James Ruskin, The Advent, Ben Sims, Surgeon and Slam.

In the realm of production, Paula’s journey began in the mid-2000s, releasing techno tracks on vinyl in the international market. Collaborations with A. Professor under aliases such as Daisychain and Secret Labz further solidified her presence on the global stage, leading to European tours and appearances at major festivals. Her label, Grind Records, garnered success with its inaugural release in 2009, supported by influential DJs and quickly selling out. Her productions can be found on numerous European labels to this day, including Symbolism, UNCAGE, Naked Lunch, Patterns, Arkham Audio, N&N records.

Since 2017, Paula has been at the helm of Combine Audio, showcasing works by esteemed techno artists like Ben Sims, Ken Ishii, DJ Shufflemaster, Patrik Skoog, Gayle San, DJ Rush, PWCCA, Israel Toledo, Pushmann, and Jeroen Search, alongside emerging talents. Combine Audio has cemented its position in the Spanish techno label scene, earning widespread acclaim from artists worldwide.

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