Born 1969. Died 1909.

Active since 2011, the Rrose project explores the intersection of hypnotic techno, experimental composition and psychoacoustic phenomenon with a meticulous touch. The first major breakthrough was 2012’s “Waterfall” for Sandwell District which followed “Motormouth Variations,” a collaborative project with composer, improviser, and activist Bob Ostertag. After the shuttering of Sandwell District, Rrose established Eaux, a home for further solo productions and collaborations. Building on his studies in electronic composition and history at Mills College, Rrose’s electronic pieces blur the lines between thrillingly claustrophobic club tracks and destabilizing sound art explorations. In 2015, she released an extended version of James Tenney’s postcard composition “Having Never Written a Note For Percussion” for solo gong, and in 2018 collaborated with Charlemagne Palestine on “The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn” for two grand pianos. These works overlapped with the development of Rrose’s singular techno: EPs like “Vanishing Pools,” “The Ends of Weather” and “Arc Unknown” as well as 2019’s debut LP “Hymn to Moisture” and the 2023 follow up “Please Touch.” As a performer, Rrose is revered for both their DJ sets and live sets which are crafted like finely woven sonic tapestries. Their performances have taken place in historic theatres and museums and on sweaty dancefloors in some of the most revered nightclubs and electronic music festivals in the world, including Berghain, Atonal, Unsound, Movement, and Mutek, to name only a few.

Rrose - Please Touch (2023) Album

Rrose DJ Set | Boiler Room x Kaos

Rrose Boiler Room London DJ Set

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