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Infamy is a status that is sought by some and feared by many. In music it can be achieved as the by-product of being a visionary, teamed with reckless behaviour. All the greats that we have seen over the last century have had an essence of infamy about them; Cobain, Hendrix, Mingus. In the present day however, it takes a lot to credit far-sightedness when it comes to music – even more so in the Techno world. That’s exactly where Stanislav Tolkachev comes into the equation.

Ukraine is hardly at the forefront when it comes to electronic music, however it’s this isolation that could be a creditable factor as to what has driven Tolkachev’s brand of psychoactive Techno to the forefront of the contemporary dance scene. Being a regular contributor to the industry for over a decade now, he plays testament to the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Employing complex musical mechanisms such as dodecaphony and competing time signatures (a DJ’s worst nightmare…) gives the tracks a timeless quality with abyssal layers.

The Ukranian’s unique talent has seen him build up a very enviable discography. Dasha Rush’s Full Panda Records, Svreca’s Semantica, Bas Mooy’s Mord and Developer’s Modularz are just a few of the labels Stanislav has made appearances on over his career, not to mention a myriad of remixes on even more reputable labels.

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