DTR | VA - 10 Years of Affekt - AFK069

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DTR | VA - 10 Years of Affekt - AFK069

Italy’s Alex Dolby proves why he is a leader and creative powerhouse of the contemporary techno scene with a distinguished collection of tracks celebrating 10 Years of Affekt. The monstrous 33-track compilation contains artists who have released on record labels ranging from Jeff Mills’ Axis, Kr!z’s Token, Bas Mooy’s Mord, Ben Sims’ Symbolism and Berlin’s Tresor.

The stunning package released on Affekt Recordings lists a multitude of support from heavyweight names such as Marcel Dettmann, Svreca, The Advent, Takaaki Itoh, Setaoc Mass, Answer Code Request, Samuli Kemppi, Alexander Kowalski, Lewis Fautzi, Kr!z and Vince Watson to name only a few.

Checking out some of the tracks in more detail, Albert Chiovenda’s “Somnium” had a remix from the accomplished Stanislav Tolkachev and it uses a detuned modular lick and haunting layers that make a really special vibe of intrigue and experimentation. Mike Storm’s “Armed Conflict” is a tough and punchy kick-focused rhythm, bursting with energy and excitement from its strange yet genius style.

Portuguese heavyweights VIL & Temudo combine for “Untitled02” that uses static charges to form the main focus and a thumping, stuttering beat with industrial tones for good measure. Remixing the title track from Albert Chiovenda’s gorgeous 2021 released album The Dwelling Place, London-based Inigo Kennedy does what he does best by adding even more depth to the dreamy melody that uses space effectively and some delicate drum hits for an authentic, dystopian atmosphere. As a wildcard, DJ Surgeles “Ruimtevaart 1957-1958” has a magical aura of sci-fi bleeps and tones that create a complex tapestry of randomness yet remains coherent in its unique world.

There are so many different, fun and cutting-edge techno ideas involved here, you can feel the care and knowledge of what it takes to achieve this amount of longevity in releasing music for a decade thus far, and we strongly hope this will continue with such as a master at the helm.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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