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Kevin Farabaugh has been DJing, producing, and proliferating underground techno under the guise of the Virulent alias for over a decade. Born and raised in Northwest Indiana and firmly enshrouded in the shadows of Chicago’s house, acid and industrial scenes, he began experimenting with secondhand drum machines and emerging music production software as early as 1996. A string of early productions landed on labels such as Seismic, Beretta and Adam Jay’s Chromagnon imprint.

Having relocated to the quiet area of Raleigh, North Carolina, more known for its bluegrass and indie music scenes than throbbing techno, Kevin has stepped up his output in the studio considerably. Producing and remixing for several internationally-acclaimed labels such as Illegal Alien, Torque, Different is Different, Slap Jaxx and From 0-1, Virulent has also released a string of solo EPs on local label Ill Bomb Records of which he considers his “home” label. Further excursions on labels such as Rheostatus and Teggno have attracted the attention of some of techno’s top tastemakers; Slam and Audio Injection have recently featured Virulent material in several of their podcasts. With several more EPs and collaborative projects in the pipeline as well as an appearance on the prestigious Slam Radio podcast in August, Virulent is poised to make a serious impact on the techno world.

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