DTR | Kryss Hypnowave - Endosphora EP (incl. Edit Select & DJ Datch Remixes) - SEANCE1201

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These are very interesting times in electronic music, where every day there are new projects like this. Seance is a new London based Techno and Electronica label ran by Warren of The Clairvoyants, well known from their former radio show from Rinse FM. We have the privilege to review their first release SEANCE1201 from Italian producer Kryss Hypnowave aka Christian Scalas and two bomb remixes from Glaswegian Edit Select and Italian DJ Datch.

A daring bassline is first to appear on “Endosphora” with an obscure tone which reminds me of the Acid Techno era. A reverberant pad introduces the kick with crisp closed hats, followed by a rolling shaker for extra texture. At the breakdown the bassline gets filtered down momentarily, returning with a percussive companion for extra push along with the beat. This really sets the scene and encompasses a deep and dubby style.

Edit Select‘s remix comes from the graves up to the ground, a bass line and kick are leading the way, escorted by a dense pad generating echoes and reverbs in different layers. A slowly developing ticking noise with subtle delay works perfect as a closed hat here, achieving the necessary top end combination. The breakdown is about the bass line and the pad that continues morphing reverberant noises. A smooth track for starting sets or interludes on the floor.

Anaerobi” drives with a pounding kick set on a thick pad, whilst panned percussion and closed hats make a fierce mood. Wooden noises add to the equation every 2 beats and filling the space completely. A chopped synth starts to unfilter, creeping forward as the main melody for the rest of the track. Very vibrant lows on this one.

DJ Datch takes on this remix and is one of my favourites overall, building up the groove from a low vibrant trench with a muted kick and bass notes. A synth from the melody starts to become prominent from the background to the forefront, with some clap stabs here and there as the melody expands, reaching the intense and throbbing groove. Percussion added later gives a more industrial feel, then by the time the beat returns after brief tension build up it gets into a full flow, delivering a climactic groove that will be appreciated by strident Techno lovers.

This is an excellent appetiser for the material to come from Seance. Refreshingly full of risks for their first release that will undoubtedly have a major underground acceptance worldwide. You can grab the digital version on their Bandcamp page now above.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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