METIER007 - Shifted Minds - Tolman’s Paradox

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MÉTIER is the new label from Jack! Who? and his UK based project that is set to journey into deep, dreamy, dub, techno, acid, electro and ambient that will surprise and delight from release to release.

Collage artwork images are by local artist Grassi Art.

METIER007 - Shifted Minds - Tolman’s Paradox

Shifted Minds is the new moniker from Sweden’s Mikael Persson aka UBX127 who almost exclusively releases on Len Faki’s Figure and Figure SPC, but has also recently appeared on TWR72’s new label OOM Records.

This additional alias experiments with a new array of sound design ideas that encompass classic electronica influences.

Isotopes” introduces the EP with harmonic synth sweeps and an intergalactic aesthetic.

The second track “Starcharts” focuses on an edgy electro style with squelching, modular tones later complemented by poignant pads and melancholic melodies.

Soliton” successfully captivates a magical feeling in a mesmerising tapestry of sparse sounds. Using warm, delayed notes and a subtle broken beat to create an epic and inspiring vibe.

Track four “Foreign Influence” opts for a bouncy rhythm made of intriguing percussion hits and wildlife whistles as its sonic foundation that produces vivid imagery.

Fifth and final on the release is “Wormhole” which is an uptempo, rolling techno exploration with huge, euphoric, pulsing waves of analogue pleasure.

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