DTR | Alex Dolby - Dynamic Prospectives Vol. 1 - AFKMX03

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DTR | Alex Dolby - Dynamic Prospectives Vol. 1 - AFKMX03
Affekt Recordings launches a new VA series titled Dynamic Prospectives Vol. 1 that welcomes a wide range of underground techno artists from around the world including countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia. Compiled by Italian label head Alex Dolby, it is available on double 10” clear vinyl, as well as CD and digital formats.

Starting with an avant-garde intro from Alex himself, Evod quickly warms things up with “Knob“, an abstract groover full of textures and analogue love. Ixi Elo’s “Don’t Disturb My Hypno Tempo” uses an acid hook and spaced out, spiralling aesthetic. Argentina’s Jonas Kopp adds a cyclical and hypnotic jam with “Concrete 4” taken from his recent EP on the label. “Constipated Monster” is a thumping effort from Alex Dolby that uses an experimental approach with a dance floor feel. DJ Surgeles of Jeff Mills’ Axis takes things intergalactic on “How It’s Like Outthere” with sweeping modular phasers.

James Bong’s rough and raw “Purple Dub” adds more strength alongside Lokodepo, who opts for some detuned and magical twangs with “Birds Don’t Like Techno“. This is followed by a funky sci-fi piece called “Modulante“, which is the second entry from Evod. Track ten from Divide titled “Recettore” has a heavy grit and crazy, rolling kick pattern, and Mike Storm’s “Intervention” is an essential, pounding juggernaut. Closing out the package with Base Research’s undeniably huge “Risk Is Our Business“, it combines a delicate melody with a grinding synth drone that creates an intense finale feel.

This is an expertly crafted collection featuring a slew of talented producers that have a real passion for delivering something unique and distinctive with their creative sound design. Their contemporary take on techno revives possibilities of artistry with those who are brave enough to venture into intelligent unknowns and explore leftfield ideas.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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