DTR | Positive Conundrum (aka Tim Xavier) - CTRL016

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DTR | Positive Conundrum (aka Tim Xavier) - CTRL016

Tim Xavier is an artist who has progressed through the industry and clearly shows a love of not only just music, but way beyond into fields such as mastering and the holy grail of vinyl record cutting. The USA born; now Berlin-based artist has played at clubs around the world including the legendary Berghain as well as appearing on the influential Boiler Room as he introduces his new production alias Positive Conundrum.

CMND CTRL is the American label releasing the fourteen-track package of varying styles, following on from artist appearances by favourites like Pfirter, Psyk and Ray Kajioka. There are strictly no fillers here and each work has a defining character that many can only dream of achieving. His adept expertise become apparent as you enjoy the ride of his considerably leftfield approach to underground techno.

Some standout tracks take the shape of “Deep Fried Consciousness” with warping and bubbling accents with metallic hits. “Wrangler Kiez Excursion” has distorted, electrified textures and an overall brooding menace. “Yet Another Poision” is a hypnotic and searching track with squeals and ripping sound effects for those who like an abstract funk. “Diamond Grinder” is probably the ultimate highlight here as its contorted tones and sci-fi influence is such a captivating listen wrapped up in a danceable, club ready groove.

Any new material from the veteran Tim Xavier is a joy to discover and will surely serve as an education to techno fans looking for a unique approach and inspiration.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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