DTR | Alex Dolby - Multiple Visions - SQZ06

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DTR | Alex Dolby - Multiple Visions - SQZ06
Alex Dolby‘s latest endeavour, Multiple Visions, released under his label Sequenzial Shift, presents a divergent approach to techno, delving into avant-garde realms of abstract soundscapes and analogue experimentation. Dolby’s reputation as a seasoned producer precedes him, and this album succeeds to fully captivate.

The opening track, “Multiple Visions,” sets a promising tone with its sparse soundscape, anchored by a distorted and delayed kick drum drone. Subsequent tracks like the Detroit-inspired stabbing groove of “Dynamic Construction” add a club flair to the album and the conceptual percussion of “Night Shift” with a trippy, stuttering and ethereal feeling show exactly the contrast of ideas he seems to be striving for on this project.

Ordinary Days” offers a huge highlight in the tracklist with its infectious bassline that is so deep, a quality sound system is required to feel the pulse of the sub bass. Tracks like “Corrosive Friends” lure the listener into a sonic labyrinth of unknown dimensions, while “Kicker” is another four-to-the-floor example combining a chirpy, acid-like hook with sweeping textures and perky energy.

Amidst the enigmatic landscape, “Ghost” emerges as a spectral presence, its melancholic tones haunting the subconscious. Closing the journey is “Blind Channel,” a dark and foreboding odyssey reminiscent of a cinematic descent into the unknown.

Dolby invites listeners to explore the depths of their imagination, beckoning them into a realm where reality blurs and mysteries abound. With each track, the boundaries of perception are challenged, leaving behind a lingering sense of wonder and intrigue as he firmly steps into a new chapter of creative ideas.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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