DTR | VA - Florian Meindl, Linear System, JANEIN, Daniel Heinrich, Egotot - Exceed Limits - SPLTRVA001

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Splatter’s debut compilation Exceed Limits has already received DJ support from titans such as James Ruskin, Chlär, Cari Lekesbusch, Amelie Lens, Norman Nodge and The Advent. Curated by Austrian talents Luca Tresque, Joe Haensn, and Rotary Motion, this compilation marks a mesmerising entry into the techno realm.

DTR | VA - Florian Meindl, Linear System, JANEIN, Daniel Heinrich, Egotot - Exceed Limits - SPLTRVA001

Florian Meindl‘s “Gridlock” begins with an onslaught of mechanical tones and gritty effects. Its pulsating beats and sweeping textures set the tone for an album that is as much a journey inward as it is an exploration of outer spaces. Linear System‘s “Taurinom” follows, drawing listeners into a hypnotic state with its intricate percussion and steady, grounding groove.

JANEIN‘s “Neowise” introduces an ethereal quality, blending celestial melodies with resonant basslines that feel both expansive and intimate. Daniel Heinrich‘s “Close Your Eyes” offers a moment of haunting ambience and a powerful groove mixed with vocal statements to send you deep into their own thoughts. Egotot‘s “Name It As You Want” closes the vinyl selection with a playful, unpredictable energy that leaves a lasting impression from its deep chords.

The digital exclusives continue as the second half of the journey. VIVEZ‘s “Tristeque” envelops you in a melancholic yet uplifting embrace of its creative flow, while label boss Luca Tresque‘s “Timeless,” that has forward-looking vibes amidst its jackin’ power. EÒNAN‘s “Space Traffic Management” transports you to the cosmos, combining complex rhythms with delicate melodics for a real sharp shooter. The collaboration between Donkker and Paul&Deep” “The Man Who Stolen The Lighter,” tells a story through its intricate sci-fi bleeps and machine sounds, and Anml Mthr‘s “Nosedive” dives into a raw, thundering rhythm with chopping, vocal highlights.

Exceed Limits transcends the transformative power of techno, offering listeners a taste of greatness. Splatter’s compilation is bubbling with inspiration and goes to show they are here to stay by enlisting such high-class producers from around Europe to its roster.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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