DEADCERT037 - William Arist - Allure (incl. Hemka, Antonio De Angelis, Juan Trujillo Remixes)

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DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen the previous releases feature music from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Hans Bouffmyhre, Paul Mac, TWR72 and Echoplex to name but a few.

William Arist is an established artist from Montevideo, Uruguay with over 100 tracks released across vinyl and digital formats using a multitude of monikers. His productions have caught the ear of heads such as Ben Sims in his Run It Red mix show, and his quality can be heard instantly as we expect to see him flourish even more this year.

“Allure” is a stripped back gem full of attitude and gritty prowess. The wonky lead notes and thundering beat are dancefloor ready and undeniably groovy.

Included in this single release are three top class remixers, Hemka from France, Antonio De Angelis in London, and Juan Trujillo who is based in Argentina.

DEADCERT037 - William Arist - Allure (incl. Hemka, Antonio De Angelis, Juan Trujillo Remixes)

Hemka is a Parisian powerhouse who has released on TWR72’s Float Records, Decoy and Labrynth, also with a forthcoming EP on Darko Esser aka Tripeo’s Balans imprint. Her uptempo style is full of energy with a focus on raw, edgy, analogue sounds that has seen her grace the legendary Tresor and Rex Club.

Hemka opts for a driving tom roll rally, that gets straight down to business. The manic looping hook make this is an absolute rocket ready to be launched into space.

DEADCERT037 - William Arist - Allure (incl. Hemka, Antonio De Angelis, Juan Trujillo Remixes)

London based Antonio De Angelis brings his well respected sound to proceedings, following regular contributions to labels like Children of Tomorrow, Dynamic Reflection, Weekend Circuit and Affin for example.

The next remix from Antonio De Angelis provides a wonderful contrast with a dub influenced sonic flair. A master of hypnotic and melody rich rhythms, his quality shines through with emotional tones and total precision.

DEADCERT037 - William Arist - Allure (incl. Hemka, Antonio De Angelis, Juan Trujillo Remixes)

Buenos Aires based Juan Trujillo is close to DEAD CERT. having released an EP in 2016 and original track prior also. The Simplecoding label boss also has music featured on Alex Bau’s 43 Recordings, DJ Hi-Shock’s Translucent and Counter Pulse, along with Re:Axis’ Monocline for example.

A production wizard who can capture minds and dancefloors at once, Juan Trujillo brings a tough jacking sound laced with delicate touches and intricate details.

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