DT:Premiere | Deano - Trim [Knowledge]

DT:Premiere | Deano - Trim [Knowledge]

South African based Deano sheds his old skin and starts a new with a rebranding of his independent label now called Knowledge Imprint.

Following his appearances on ARTS, Translucent, Ground Factory, and GND Records amongst others, his new artistic direction is a refinement of style and process behind the scenes, that will no doubt unfurl as the project progresses.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is the second original from the five track EP titled “Trim” that has an infectious, raw, and bouncing beat at its core. Full of energy and hypnotic qualities, the track flows and grows with expert sound design and sonic precision that make this a real groover and dance floor destroyer.

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K-I001D - Deano - Alternation EP

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