DT:Premiere | Kernel Existence - Asist (Electric Indigo Remix) [Konsequent]

DT:Premiere | Kernel Existence - Asist (Electric Indigo Remix) [Konsequent]

Konsequent was founded by Persian-born, Berlin resident Maral Salmassi who has enlisted many of the leading producers to support the project with reworks including the likes of Jonas Kopp, Inigo Kennedy, Jeroen Search, Psyk, Sleeparchive, Zadig and many, many more.

Simply titled Remixes it’s just that, including four new reworks of what seem to be a bevy of unreleased works by Kernel Existence, that may or may not see the light of day to come. Remixes from Messiahwaits, d Func. aka Alexander Kowalski, WHT MOTH and Electric Indigo.

Austria-based Electric Indigo graced us with our landmark podcast (DTMIX100) over 5 years ago and will always be a shining light with over 30 years of influence in music production and the club scene, so we are always pleased to hear her creations that have featured on Ostgut Ton and DJ Hell’s Gigolo Tapes for example.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the remix “Asist” that is an exploration of sound design. A signature take on techno, it’s dripping in electronic energy, pulses and glitches to teleport you into a dystopian world of abstract creativity.

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KSQ-078 - Kernel Existence - Remixes

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