DT:Premiere | William Arist - R.U.M [On Edge Society]

DT:Premiere | William Arist - R.U.M [On Edge Society]

On Edge Society is a Brooklyn-based label that has a long line of quality having previously featured artists like Zadig, Dustin Zahn, ROD, TWR72, Marco Faraone and DJ Rush amongst many others.

William Arist is a prime example of a talent breaking through, but far from an over night success, he is a seasoned DJ and producer with releases on labels like Marco Faraone’s UNCAGE, Animal Farm, Vinicius Honorio’s Liberta, Deano (ZA)’s Knowledge Imprint and his very own Perseverancia. Listing supporters like Ben Sims, Charlotte de Witte and Tensal, he also had a huge track called “Cyanophyta” on our limited edition DEAD CERT. vinyl only release alongside his new EP with a rampant Roberto aka Fossil Archive remix.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the title track “R.U.M” that’s a deep, flowing groover down to its core. Stripped back, raw and funky stabbing tones are amidst delayed sweeps that add thrilling sections to this dubby delight definitely made with the club floor in mind.

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OES023 - William Arist - R.U.M EP

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