DT:Premiere | Biemsix - Gere und Frecke [Enemy]

DT:Premiere | Biemsix - Gere und Frecke [Enemy]

Enemy Records is the Berlin-based imprint from Dustin Zahn and that’s seen recent contributions from artists including Flug, Psyk, Mark Broom, Emmanuel, Rrose and many more.

Italian Biemsix made the journey to the European melting pot in pursuit of his passion for music, that has seen him rise steadily with his creative explorations released on fantastic projects such as Re:Axis’ Monocline, Thema, Invite’s Choice, Symbolism and Machine Label that are both ran by Ben Sims.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the closing track “Gere und Frecke” that is a pacey yet melancholic tail of captivation. Bells ring and chime over fidgeting percussion hits culminating in a fascinating mood that’s nothing short of an exquisite piece of perfectly experimental techno.

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