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A great enthusiast and lover of good music, more than 10 years involved in many projects aimed at the development of Wroclaw and national electronic scene. member of the legendary team, which toured his time virtually the entire sour Poland and several foreign spots, legal and not so legal.

Currently, Michael is a co-organizer and Booking Manager events Audio-City, where for many years with his friends promote different varieties of electronic music, inviting world-class artists and emerging talents.

Organising, playing, he has supported:
Oscar Mulero, Xhin, monolocali, Neil Landstrumm, Inigo Kennedy, DJ Misjah, Oliver Lieb, Mark Broom, Eric Sneo, Glenn Wilson, DJ Boss, Pounding Grooves, Patrick DSP, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Dirty Bass-Voidloss, Alan Oldham aka DJ T -1000, Loktibrada, The Panacea, audio, Counterstrike, Teebee, Klute, The Teknoist, Vandal Kaotik, DAVE The Drummer, Chris Liberator, DDR, DJ Ant, Alex Calver, Ganez the Terrible, Jeff Amadeus, Punk Floyd (DDR Chris Liberator, Geezer), Maxx, Thermobee James Kinetec, Dj Clodagh, Rackitt, Geraldine, Zebedee, Cyber ​​Steve , Dynamic Intervention…

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