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Plants Army Revolver


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Avian / Mental Modern / Concrete

Plants Army Revolver is the duo formed by Marco Ragni and Valentin Birgan. The pair met in 2013 in Rome, while attending an electronic music course at Fonderie Sonore. After an almost immediate connection, the two promised each other to meet again in the studio for a joint jam session. For a series of reasons, this only ended to happen after two years.

In winter 2014, Marco and Valentin finally managed to get together and brainstorm: this was when the project Plants Army Revolver was born.

From here onwards, it followed several years of recordings and live sessions throughout Italy and Europe.

PAR’s sound is a constant balance between ambient and techno music, with tribal and hypnotic features, always pursuing musical investigation, research and experimentation through the use of modular synths and drum machines.

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