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After a decade of incessant and persistent work-in clubs all over Spain, Victor M has become one of Spain’s top DJs and producers whose influences have been hip-hop, funk and the house, among other styles. Pushmann, delivers techno for the mind body and soul.

In his new project PUSHMANN produces a Detroitesque sound with clear and strong influence of European sound, Berlin and Birmingham. His imaginary sound is based on the fast-paced, industrial and mechanical high-octane techno. In his classic genre he delivers raw goodness to intrigue the listener and take him or her to a higher level. Power, darkness and fierceness serving the dance floor. His special attention and taste for metallic percussion and steel, cavernous drums well located in front of everything, almost martia, or warlike. Also draw attention to their surgical and haunting melodies, looped and accelerated to paroxysm. Sophisticated bestiality that stuns and spreads like wildfire.

As a DJ, this self-confessed lover of vinyl-and three deck performances- enjoys a refined technique after many years of selecting only the best techno, house and ghetto-techno- sessions defined as strong, energetic and vibrant. He has performed at national clubs of Florida 135 as well as Reset- and has shared the stage with artists of the stature tech capital of his admired Ben Sims or The Advent, Angel Molina, Eric Sneo, Fatima Hajji, Ken Ishii, etc.

Finally, make way for the new Pushmann … a powerful performer and composer of massive techno.

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