DTR | Flug - XLR (incl. Mas Teeveh & DJ Emerson Remixes) - MF046

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Established in 2005 by DJ Emerson as part of the kiddaz.fm music group and based in Berlin, Micro.fon is a Techno label that release top quality music at all times. The latest reference MF046 is an original mix titled “XLR” by Argentinian, now Barcelona transplant Flug and two remixes from the excellent Italian Mas Teeveh and the label boss himself.

First the original mix, which hits you in the face instantly with powerful low throbs under the kick. Panned textures in the mid to high end create a whirlwind of tension, as a pad creeps in with a chained noise increasing the riddle to new a new level. Three short synth notes join in as the main hook, whilst the noise builds and rises to an intense fever pitch. Fluttering shakers provide a nice rhythm factor that land right on the kick, where the break allows the craziness to expand. Like an alarm in a long tunnel, it echoes around the mix and creates an undeniably mammoth track.

Mas Teeveh dubs it down with a much more filtered kick and skip that allow the punishing lows to take charge. Closed grainy hats and a panning, ticking texture are greeted with a vocoder sound and awesome atmosphere. A soft melody slowly starts to develop toward the middle of the track by dusty and gripping chords hidden away. The short breakdown is the perfect excuse for the low section to breathe even more, sounding absolutely huge, engulfing and very hypnotic. Very well worked in all aspects.

For the last remix, DJ Emerson has a totally different twist, starting with some thick, bass driven notes. After a couple of laps of being in awe, quirky percussion pops in with some pads and some chalky noises appear. The lead bass drops at the break, giving a sinking feeling and an overall underwater sensation. Resembling a DJ tool, it could be complimented by other tracks in a mix, creating more layers, but it will no doubt blow some minds with its dark mood as it is.

There is no doubt of the creativity and expertise when putting together an EP like this and how contrast adds richer and better ingredients to the end product. In this case well achieved by all with highly interesting music on show.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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