DTMIX132 - Dorian Gray [Berlin, GERMANY]

DTMIX132 - Dorian Gray [Berlin, GERMANY]

Italian producer and now Berlin based known as Dorian Gray, has been making waves with his fantastic hypnotic productions on labels like Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Circular Limited, DJ Hi-Shock’s Android Muziq amongst others. His tracks have landed remixes by the likes of Edit Select, Rraph, Electrorites, Vegim to name a few. For this Exclusive mix he gets into some deep textures that will wonder and amaze, along with some solid grooves, just oozing quality. Tracks from Fluxion, Scøpe, Takaaki Itoh, D-Leria, Perc, OWL and many more….

Tracklist :

01. FLUXION : aviation [Subwax Jpn]
02. GIOVANNI TURSI : wet caves [Lett]
03. MARKUS MASHUR : the dumb bedevilment [Circular Limited]
04. SCØPE : rekindle [Android Muziq]
05. MIKI CRAVEN : the agreement [Dark Rose]
06. KALTER ENDE & SARF: room two (Takaaki Itoh Remix) [Analog Section]
07. D-LERIA : conflict [Nachtstrom]
08. MÄTÄSISM : mä 12 [Micro.Fon]
09. RUSTAL : the hollows [Counter Pulse]
10. MARCO ASOLEDA : jape (Fixon Remix) [Nightmare Factory]
11. XHEI : ectomorfo (Perc Remix) [Illegal Alien]
12. OWL : token [Anekoic]
13. SVART1 & DORIAN GRAY : l’attesa [Ovunque]
14. ALEJA SANCHEZ : broken roads [Wave Impact Label]
15. DORIAN GRAY : il vuoto quantico [Unreleased]
16. YAN KAYLEN : a.e. io [Tripalium]

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