DT:Premiere | Paula Cazenave - Crickets On Crack [Combine Audio]

DT:Premiere | Paula Cazenave - Crickets On Crack [Combine Audio]

Paula Cazenave is one of Spain’s leading ladies, jet setting around the world and gracing line-ups with the likes of Carl Cox, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, The Advent and Oscar Mulero, that is just simply scratching the surface.

DT:Premiere | Paula Cazenave - Crickets On Crack [Combine Audio]

Paula together with the iconic Gayle San, who has released on her own ‘GSR’ to Phobiq, Naked Lunch and Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions, have launched their new project and collaboration known as Combine Audio.

The launch release begins with a back to back original track selection that sums up the ethos of the label and what is expected to come in the near future with following releases.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is from Paula called “Crickets On Crack” that begins with one of the chunkiest beats this side of the hemisphere. Pure groove fuel for any DJ looking to light up faces on the dancefloor, the edgy, acid-licked lead synths lash the track into shape and seal the deal as this monster grows larger and larger with every listen.

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COMBINE001 - Gayle San / Paula Cazenave - Fuse ON EP

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