DTR | Damian Vargas - Mantidos EP (incl. Kalter Ende, Temudo & VIL, Fixeer Remixes) - B55R026

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We are in a great time in the world of electronic music, many artists and labels fill the network with intriguing options. B55 Records is a label that has been super consistent since its inception in 2013, located somewhere in Mexico City, and managed by its creator Gabriel Soto.

Collecting renowned names from the underground scene like Marla Singer, Cardao, Fixeer, JoyB, Energun, Ricardo Garduno, Jose Pouj to name a few of the growing list, and has become a benchmark of quality techno in the Mexican scene. This imprint is one of those that I frequently visit due to its tasty catalogue, which never falls off rhythm and always offers artists with a cutting edge sound.

For the twenty sixth release the label presents Damian Vargas, a young Mexican producer who has released on labels like Illegal Alien, Vector Functions and now delivers his debut on B55 with Mantidos EP full of hypnotic and industrial work. This EP comes with three original beauties and three remixes, one from Spanish artist Kalter Ende, a collaboration from Portuguese artists Temudo and VIL, and the other remix from Mexican upcoming talent Fixeer.

Angelinae” is the first track that also does justice to the name. An angelical vibe right from the first minute appears, sweet synthetic melodies unfold their charm, reverberant tails rebound side to side and travel easily on a single but comfortable kick. A nice way to hit the road on this sonorous journey.

Secondly is “Miomantinae” an offbeat beast with a clear industrial influence and arrangements of drone and angular acid licks. A granulated sound, chopped hats and relentless power push it forward with energy while always being interesting to see where it goes next.

A lot cleaner than the previous track, “Vatinae” uses a forceful kick with ethereal melodies to catch my ear instantly. Sparse tones create a calming feeling and an introspective stance, whilst short, delayed note loops get some tone changes making this my favourite track from the originals.

Kalter Ende jumps in for the first remix and right from the begining it is evident his melodic approach. An expertly executed bassline flows amazingly with a bouncy, thick low end. Full of pads, dusty effects and abstract textures, it’s unique appeal will be much loved.

Temudo & VIL come up with a classy purist techno take, focusing on percussion as the sonic persuasion. Subtle tone tweaks create vigorous vibrations in this quality DJ tool like remix.

Sci-Fi like modular tones act like a bubbling blend of audio warfare, where Fixeer holds his own closing the EP with his well respected sound. Panning shakers with a deep thundering beat punch all kinds of crazy thoughts into the imagination.

Top to bottom, this EP is a rare package full of moments of magic that you will keep coming back to, time and time again…

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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