DTR | Roberto - Into The Blue (incl. Peverelist Remix) - SOLAR03

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DTR | Roberto - Into The Blue (incl. Peverelist Remix) - SOLAR03

The relatively new Canadian label called Solar Phenomena sits somewhere in the electronic realm with seemingly no real boundaries to their sound, and where anything from melodic electronica to jacked up techno suits. Artists such as Echoplex, A Made Up Sound, Antonio Ruscito, Aleksi Perala and STL more recently have all made contributions to the project.

Making his mark on SOLAR03 is the London based Roberto, a shining light of the UK techno scene, who does his thing with fine vigour, letting his outstanding productions do the talking time and time again. Slowly and surely anyone who discovers his work shares the same feeling of his importance and respects his fantastic ideas that blend a club sound with a piece of his soul.

The Fossil Archive label boss has the knack of knowing what works and sounds good from a DJ perspective, also crafting intricate details into the layers of his music that adds a new dimension to the overall picture, where you can tell nothing is rushed in the process.

Beginning with atmospheric pulses and spaced out keys, the title track “Into The Blue” sets the scene and launches the trip. The bouncing beat is warm as the fuzzy hats pierce the mix with ultimate precision.

DX Waves” uses a thick, up-tempo synth to great effect, giving punch and focus to the bouncing rhythm creating a huge dancefloor weapon.

The third original “Chord Recall” is probably the most busy sounding track with many functioning textures that compliment each other in waves of swirling tension.

Lastly here is a remix from Peverelist who brings a bass style funk to the release, that will capture many moods with sweet dub tones and droning, deep keys at play.

Start to finish this is a magical assortment of musical exploration, blurring lines and delivering in all areas by implementing interesting intentions.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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