DT:Premiere | Vinicius Honorio - Deadpan [Liberta]

DT:Premiere | Vinicius Honorio - Deadpan [Liberta]

Liberta Records has been building its legacy since 2018 and has included music and remixes from the likes of Fiedel, Alex Bau, Hemka, and Roberto Clementi.

The newest EP sees the Brazil native, now London-based label head drop three original works. Vinicius Honorio has a catalogue of works featured on labels such as Emmanuel’s ARTS, Developer’s Olympian, and Planet Rhythm amongst others.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the title track “Deadpan” that uses subtle chimes of a handpan instrument. Hypnotic but also focused on the dance floor, the chunky drums and interesting sound design create an attractive and unique offering.

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LBRT22 - Vinicius Honorio - Deadpan

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