DTR | Samuli Kemppi - Detached From The Past EP - POV001

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DTR | Samuli Kemppi - Detached From The Past EP - POV001
A new label is afoot and in charge of operations is Samuli Kemppi, not only one of Finland’s finest, but one of the most forward thinking Techno artists around. Practicing a love for sonic textures and heaps of analogue equipment, he crafts consistently standout pieces that has lead to a shrewd production back catalogue on the likes of M_REC LTD, Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver, Prologue to Ostgut Ton amongst many others. Add to this the respected Deep Space Helsinki radio and label project with partner Juho Kusti and it’s enough of a guarantee that this will be special.

Power Of Voltages is named after a track on Samuli’s 2014 LP The Observer Effect that he began to drop murmurs towards the end of 2015 that something was on the way. After some now common and crippling vinyl delays, it seems the new entity will be seeing the light in the very near future.

Consisting of 4 original works from the maestro himself, the title track has a distinct flow, combined with pulsing waves and trademark bleeps it’s full of character and tripped out tendencies. “No Place For You” is tough and full of attitude, made for those who like it a bit more full on. “I Dream Of Midi” focuses on an abrasive edge with hypnotic elements, whilst “Watching” has a musical soul, perfect for mix intros or appreciating an electronic exploration.

Detached From The Past EP is a top class collection as Samuli embarks on a new label venture that will be one to keep a very watchful eye on.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

POV001 - Samuli Kemppi - Detached From The Past EP - B

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