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Rabe (Label Boss) / Stroboscopic Artefacts / BPitch / ARTS

Denise Rabe’s experience in the Berlin techno scene as a booker, radio host, promoter and DJ since she relocated to German capital drawn by the possibility of a life in music, is reflected in the pragmatic, grounded artist she became and the unique, original voice she’s developed as a producer.

Her approach and work ethic can be seen expressed on every release she’s done under her label, Rabe, where her music is matched with an equal amount of care, thought and work, in the vessels that contain it, within a coherent aesthetic and vision that informs music, artwork and presentation equally.

This has allowed her to recruit the artist who’s work resonates with her sensibility and can be heard in the remixes of her tracks by Rrose, SHXCXCHCXSH, Headless Horseman, among others.

Imprints such as Mutewax, who released her first 12″ in 2015, ARTS where she quickly became one of the label’s staples and Stroboscopic Artefacts where she published “Manifesto” in 2019, are clear reference points that describe her career and its development.

Rabe’s particular inclination to sparse industrial soundscapes, gothic aesthetics, driven grooves under hooks that hypnotise as much as they distinguish, have propelled her 10 year career across stages all over the US, Asia and Europe, as well as the clubs that represent the apex of techno worldwide such as Berghain and Tresor.

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