It is impossible to start speaking professionally about Joton without drawing his first steps, which led from the track to the cabin, without falling into several topics that open the bios of dozens of Spanish DJs of the last decades… We will leave the more predictable ‘literature’ aside and go directly to 20 and many years (well into the XXI century), when Joton evidences his maturity as a dj: he takes on a style, technique and musical selection that identify him and can finally allow progressively the pleasure of selecting where to play on a Saturday. We entered the millennium: finally the fear of ‘Year 2000’ dissipates and on the other hand Joton’s personality and charisma continue to publicize: his maturity as a dj, conducted with serenity and discretion make him continue growing until the year 2001 when he creates the label ‘Newrhythmic’. This label gives name to a clothing store , and it is here where his base of operations is established to date.

Joton reaffirms in the genre he likes, with the one that most he is identified with and the one he blends as few rookies: dark techno, mixed with precision and speed.

In 2005 he starts producing his own music and presents his 1st reference with Newrhythmic: a vinyl 12 ” with Aitor Ronda. Since then Joton has grown to publish his work on international labels such as Fabric, Animal Farm, Quant, Dynamic Reflection, More Than Less, Mastertraxx, Mono Basic…

Before long his pieces of work are profiled in media such as magazines DJ1, Groove, DJ Mag or charts and DJ sets the likes of Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Rolando, Surgeon, Jonas Kopp, Ben Klock, Pacou, Tommy Four Seven, Truncate, Go Hiyama, Jerome Sydenham…

A consequence of this increased media presence, increases Joton visits abroad, playing in the Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, South Korea, Italy, UK, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Austria…

The turn of the decade - 2010 - imposes itself undisputed acceptance of digital format as a basis for any dj session: resistance to change that the heart and the love of vinyl suggest, can not, in practice fight against the evidence of a market that punishes the purist with a decreasing publication of new releases in the traditional format, vinyl …But Joton makes this circumstance a chance and with a Xone 92 and 3 Pioneer CDJ 2000 discovers new possibilities that are a new boost to his ability to connect with the track that sounds under his rhythm.

The next step begins 2015 with the release of his first LP “Casting Out Nines”, an album that demonstrates the maturity of this artist.

Selected as one of the best albums of 2015 by the German magazine GROOVE, presented in 10 countries and 3 continents in 2015, this album is a change in his career, becoming gradually a gap in the global techno scene.

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