DTMIX192 - Bernardo Hangar [Córdoba, SPAIN]



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Spanish veteran Bernardo Hangar is an underground luminary who sticks to his guns and turns heads along the way. Heading up the DarkForest label and releasing on the likes of SUB tl, Logical Methods and Emphatic, he has also played a multitude of the best festivals in his homeland, or can also be found venturing into other parts of Europe to deliver his techno message. Powerful, hypnotic and raw are the main elements he attains while his sets are no less than mind altering workouts of the highest order as you will come to discover. Tracks featured by Juan Trujillo, Kastil, Seleccion Natural, Moddullar, Kaiser, Michał Wolski and many more…

Tracklist :

01. 01100110 : insight III [Elektroakustische Tanzmusik]
02. ?
03. JOHANN ARTY : rebuilt [Monocline]
04. JUAN TRUJILLO : staring at the light [Noir Music]
05. BILY : short scene (Rèdacs Remix) [Devotion]
06. DARK QUADRANT : determinant influence [Substratum]
07. KASTIL : individual harmonics [INNSIGNN]
08. SELECCION NATURAL : future ride [PoleGroup]
09. MODDULLAR : 4444 [Clergy]
10. BERNARDO HANGAR : blechnum [Olympian]
11. ROBERT HOFF : boderline [INNSIGNN]
12. SELECCION NATURAL : left behind [PoleGroup]
13. BERNARDO HANGAR : asplenium [Olympian]
14. KAISER : the way back [Soma]
15. A THOUSAND DETAILS : extros [Olympian]
16. BERNARDO HANGAR : cardamine [Olympian]
17. MICHAŁ WOLSKI : braids [Southern Lights]

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