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Jose Pouj, electronic music producer and owner of Injected Poison Records.

1999; Jose is 15 years old when involved in electronic music, his first contact with turntables, takes place in small clubs in their region of origin -Castilla y Leon- from Spain, and begins to expand its area of ​​action progressively.

2002; With only 18 years- get a residency at a local club where the most innovative and industrial sounds are heard.

Thereafter Jose Pouj begins to expand its range of performances, visiting some important clubs of the moment like, Zeus (Medina del Campo) or recognized Txitxarro (Bilbao) where he shared stage with artists like DJ Pepo, Wavesound, Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Exium and others. His sessions are moved between the industrial / experimental techno and hard - techno, with reference to producers Shed, Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, Autechre, Surgeon, Regis, Oscar Mulero, etc …

2007; Jose arrives in Madrid for beginners in music production; in these times is not enough to be a good DJ, the music production is needed to break international territories; in the capital of Spain, Jose, lives one of the most important years of his career: after much hard work, creates his label “Injected Poison Records”. And in the same 2008 he begins editing his own music.

As of today, Jose Pouj edited eleven EP’s on 12 inch on his own label in collaboration with more important producers: Exium, Christian Wünsch, Kike Pravda, Jeroen Search, Joton, Reeko, Oscar Mulero, Tadeo, Jonas Kopp, NX1, Kwartz, Luis Ruiz, Orphx, are some of the producers that have recorded on the label. Currently, “Injected Poison Records” is recognized as one of the most important in the Spanish scene and increasingly present in the international world.

The Jose Pouj label creation and distribution from Holland to worldwide by renowned Triple Vision, allows Jose Pouj to have a presence in some of the most popular clubs and consecrated as international artist, playing at clubs like Tresor in Berlin, Fabrik in Madrid, Albeniz in Asturias and not forgetting his recent visit to South America where debuts for the first time with two gigs in the city of Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

2011; Jose Pouj debuts at the renowned Tsunami Records label, owned by Christian Wünsch; together with Go Hiyama and Eric Krakeroy, with an original “Quietness” soon becomes the charts of the best artists.

The consolidation to Jose Pouj as a professional artist positioned in an orbit that approaches gradually to the ‘large’ and established DJs and producers of current techno, rubric with the release of their EP “Blood Poisoning” for WarmUp seal (WU27EP ): three original tracks of Jose, under the tutelage of one of the most important techno spanish labels.

During this time we have seen some of Jose works on labels like, Tsunami Records, Warm Up Recordings, Labyrinth Records, Newrhythmic Records, Ballistic Rec, Rec Dust, besides numerous works on his own label.

His recent works: Occipital Fragments of Injected Poison Rec -IP006- which publishes 3 Original tracks with the collaboration of Reeko, IP007 with Jonas Koop, Kwartz and Luis Ruiz. The reference 8 came with the participation of NX1 and Tadeo and the most recent in the series: Organic Failure where we could enjoy two original tracks and remixes of Christian Wünsch and Orphx.

2015; Fifteen years since Jose began its journey; enough to accumulate experience, day to day, in parallel with the recognition of public, media and renowned producers time, Jose still immersed working hard on upcoming productions that will be released soon.

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