DT:Premiere | Roberto - Tonic [Rekids Special Projects]

DT:Premiere | Roberto - Tonic [Rekids Special Projects]

Rekids is a label that has long been putting out musical treasures, especially from it’s co-founder and ‘panorama garage’ rework aficionado known to most as Radio Slave.

The latest offering from the now Berlin based imprint is another notch on the Rekids Special Projects catalogue, that has been signed from London based artist Roberto whose expert sound has been previously released by ARTS, Fachwerk, On Edge Society, and his own Fossil Archive too.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the second track titled “Tonic” that sums up his deep, warm, chord-lead style. Taking influence from Detroit and beyond, the swirling waves of warmth and piercing string highlights are lush and full of pristine sound design from the analogue backbone and rumbling beats.

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