As a recent emerging artist, Rommek has shown promising developments in his own sound, as well as carving his way into the current Techno scene. His extensive interest in sound design is embedded within the atmospheric, dynamic and textured tracks he produces. His debut ‘Thought Patterns EP’ on the London based label Weekend Circuit, established his position on the map.

Since then, various releases for James Ruskin’s Blueprint, Emmanuel’s ARTS, Labrynth and Sonntag Morgen have proven his wide appeal through the combination of the energetic, gritty UK sound coalesced with deep and transcendental aspects and launching his show Erosion on Seance Radio.

Gaining support and playtime from DJ Deep, Francois X, Cassegrain and Arnaud Le Texier, just to name a few, Rommek’s work is showing its potential and making its imprint.

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