DTMIX097 – Molwax [Tanah Merah, SINGAPORE]


Death Techno - Molwax

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Curator of 2 radio shows, one a monthly podcast called Narcotic and Circuit featuring regular guests. Molwax aka Jin How from Singapore, enjoys a polarising mixing style, using loops and FX to create long dubby segments and builds to great effect that you can truly get lost in. A solid track selection certainly helps his cause that features titans like Brian Sanhaji, Edit Select, Maxime Dangles, Ritzi Lee and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX097 – Molwax [Tanah Merah, SINGAPORE] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. BLACK ASTEROID : engine 1 (Brian Sanhaji Remix Another Version) [CLR]
02. ESCHATON : age of iron [Token]
03. DEEPBASS : sequence 1 (Edit Select Dub) [Edit Select]
04. TRAUMER : oscla [Skryptöm]
05. MAXIME DANGLES : lyoc [Break New Soil]
06. MR. JONES : mastermind (Ritzi Lee Remix) [The Public Stand]
07. ALESSAN MAIN : pole two [Concepto Hipnotico]




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This is the sixth release on the LIMITED.G. label run by Andrea Belluzzi. Andrea is well regarded in the German and worldwide scene with good reason. Having worked with artists such as Jonas Kopp, Angel Costa and Joachim Speith, whilst releasing on labels including Syneweave, Affin, Kaputt and Mechno he is in great company. The LIMITED label itself has already become known for the functional, upfront techno it puts out, which first came to my attention earlier this year; now several pieces of it’s vinyl are in my record bag. I really enjoy this format of EP – four tracks, four artists – it really gives value for money and a better depth of quality that removes that scenario of buying the EP for one track.

So, to the music.

A1” by the man himself combines clattering percussion and insistent wobbling acid over a lovely 808 kit. The track builds to a frantic crescendo and then drops into a deep space breakdown with some beautiful drawn out synth notes and sweeping acid back to the front to reintroduce the drums. All the way through there is a single percussive note tying the track together, sounding like some locator beacon flashing its signal in an empty space. Really a track to get lost in.

A2” by Marcus treads a different path. Quite an eye opener this one. It sounds quite deep initially and after a few bars it dawns on you how pacy and edgy this track really is. Full of jacked up melody and industrial scrapes and crunches, reverb and delay is used to great effect, adding just enough, but taking nothing away from the brightness of the tones. The whole lot is laid over a stomping kick drum (reminiscent of some of Mr G’s productions) and a rolling single bass note, it adds up to an immersive and energetic track. It’s very hard to describe this track properly – you should just listen to it! My pick of the release.

On the flip side, “B1” from The Plant Worker takes a hypnotic slightly overdriven loop and puts it front and centre throughout. There are some lush, understated synths in the background and a beautifully warm bassline that’s rolled along by a clean, straight up kick and classy hats. As with many good tracks, new elements are revealed within the breaks, hiding behind the beat and bass. Here we have some extra percussive elements – muted toms and what I would swear is a woodblock, though I might stand corrected. The new elements continue forward in the track and create a “wait… were they there all along?” moment, that is a hallmark of a well thought out track. Fine work.

The final cut, or “B2” by rising Argentinian artist named XHEI, is different again. The first thing that hits you is a frantic wobbling loop and pulsing laser noise dragging you down, down into the groove. Suddenly the laser sparks upwards and dissolves sublimely into a haunting melody contrasting nicely with the underlying energy. The breakdown is a crescendo of open hats and rides, then an echoing synth note that sounds like a call to action. The latter half of the track layers up more cymbals to devastating effect, along with the return of said laser noise and a couple of cheeky bass cuts with well placed single handclaps. As the track plays out further you notice the scything, scraping noise that yes, has actually been there all along. Pure class.

Another quality LIMITED.G. release to add to the collection, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what 007 brings to the table.

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DTMIX096 – L.A.W. [Fermanagh, N. IRELAND]


Death Techno - L.A.W.

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If you didn’t already know… L.A.W. are the award winning production and DJ duo Lisa & Alice Wallace. These formidable sisters have already stamped their mark on techno culture by holding residencies from the UK to Ibiza. You can hear their music on some of the most taste making labels around like Hans Bouffmyhre’s Sleaze, Sutter Cane’s Driving Forces, Tom Hades’ Rhythm Convert(ed), Rebekah’s Decoy and recently seeing their remix for Dave Clarke put out on the legendary CLR. Their Exclusive Death Techno set is as edgy and tough, as it is diverse. Tracks featured by Virulent, Frankyeffe & Markus Bohm, Subjected, Wirrwarr, Mark Morris, Fabrizio Lapiana and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX096 – L.A.W. [Fermanagh, N. IRELAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. KAPOOR : self belief [Four Sides]
02. R.N.T.S. : answer [Etichetta Nera]
03. GARRETT DILLON : untruths (Virulent Remix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
04. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : burrow [Unknown Territory]
05. FRANKYEFFE & MARKUS BOHM : a613 [Afulab]
06. ALEX TOMB : 2000 reasons to remember (Aerts Remix) [LCD]
07. SECLUDED : blocked (Subjected External Remix) [Sleaze]
08. WIRRWARR : shadow glimpse [Decoy]
09. SINTOMA : cardeoide 2 [Illegal Alien]
10. CAVE DJs : achtung [Shout]
11. DAVE CLARKE : storm (L.A.W. Remix) [CLR]
12. FIXEER : arkanoid (Mark Morris Remix) [Illegal Alien]
13. REBEKAH : zero point [CLR]
14. ONTAL : penetration [Ontal Series]
16. ONTAL & 2ND GENO : shock [Ontal Series]
17. DUALIT : rant [Fifth Wall]

DTR | EDR004 : Uun – Chaos Element (incl. DJ ESP Woody McBride & James Kelley Remixes)



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Uun is a producer I’ve been following with enthusiasm for some time. Also known as Ryan Malony, he made a name for himself in the Midwest USA and around the world by collaborating with the likes of Dystopian Rhythm, Sutter Cane, Andrei Morant, Monument and Reloading Records. This is his first EP on Eternal Drive Recordings.

The title track “Chaos Element” goes straight for the throat. A super clean and heavy kick drum is front and centre and that’s just as it should be – solid is too small a word for this kick. A nagging, cyclic sample does its thing in the background and leads into a break to the main body of the track. This is heads down, late night work – kicks, hats, hypnotics – with a number of sounds weaving in and out of the forefront during the course of the track, providing consistent interest. This is the standout track of the EP for me.

Bending Mind” is an excellent second track. The sound and tone is instantly recognisable from the first tune, but this is completely different. Here, chugging, booming bass is brought to the fore, with the kicks just slightly further back. This bass was meant to be dropped like a hammer and there are several drops in the track itself. For me, one of Uun’s real talents is his hihat work, and these are exceptional – fizzing with energy multilayered, energetic and varied from the start.

On to the remixes… DJ ESP aka Woody McBride shoots Chaos Element into the stratosphere with some frenetic loops underpinning the kicks and a gradually developing synth line that feels like deep space unfolding in front of you. There’s a big, synth led breakdown too.

The James Kelley take on the same track pulls the pace down a notch or two, echoing out the kicks, fattening up the bass, and adding a disturbing rattle and some hypnotising stabs. Listen carefully to those stabs – that’s where the pressure builds in this mix. This is a very good remix – sufficiently different to the original, yet retaining the elements recognisably.

Any of these four will do you proud on the dancefloor and each is an enjoyable listen in its own right. The whole is a well thought out package of powerful and intriguing techno. You can grab EDR004 from today at the links above.

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CLICK HERE – TOKEN48 – Aphelion
CLICK HERE – DEADCERT013 – Alessan Main – Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix)
CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)

DTMIX095 – Rommek [Totnes, ENGLAND]


Death Techno - Rommek

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Rommek is on the rise as an in demand producer, with releases on Sonntag Morgen, Labrynth and Weekend Circuit under his belt in less than one year. He has a raw and hypnotic style of production that is consistently captivating and edgy and is firmly set for making a huge impact. He has recently embarked on his own radio show and in this Exclusive set he drops some fresh forthcoming promos that are due out on Emmanuel’s “A R T S” imprint. Also included are tracks from Ventress, Adriana Lopez, James Ruskin, Ritzi Lee, MTD, Cleric, Charlton, Surgeon and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX095 – Rommek [Totnes, ENGLAND] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. COLIN STETSON : awake on foreign shores [Constellation]
02. ROMMEK & CIRCULA : grey area [Unreleased]
03. VENTRESS : untitled [Avian]
04. ROMMEK : 1 view, 100 versions [soon on… A R T S]
05. ROMMEK : thought patterns (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Weekend Circuit]
06. JAMES RUSKIN : graphic [Ostgut Ton]
07. RITZI LEE : activate [Belief System]
08. ROMMEK – mariana trench (MTD Remix) [Sonntag Morgen]
09. ROMMEK : occult [soon on… A R T S]
10. RUMAH & PROGRESSION : strike [Unreleased]
11. CLERIC : breach [ARTS]
12. ROMMEK : spice melange [Sonntag Morgen]
13. CHARLTON : chaotic behaviour [Mord]
14. SURGEON : fixed action pattern [Token]
15. ROMMEK : statik [soon on… A R T S]
16. DIVIDED : into depths [Unreleased]

DTMIX094 – Vegim [Pristina, KOSOVO]


Death Techno - Vegim


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The “Take More Music” or TMM Records label boss supplies his exciting exclusive debut mix for Death Techno. Having also worked with labels like A.Paul’s Naked Lunch, Dr Hoffman’s Blind Spot Music and Joton’s Newrhythmic his production style is vast, consistently delivering creative ideas all the time. Flying the flag for Kosovo, Vegim shows his love for energetic and driving techno with a quality set that includes artists like Komprezzor, Tex-Rec, Brian Burger, Dolby D, Exium and a first play of his own forthcoming track on DEAD CERT. Records…

Death Techno – DTMIX094 – Vegim [Pristina, KOSOVO] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. DOPE HEX : in the small place [Technodrome]
02. RYOGO YAMAMORI : goodbye (Diego Hostettler & Krenzlin Remix) [951beat]
03. KOMPREZZOR : drained [Reloading]
04. PHARMAKON : opress [Black Brook]
05. TEX-REC : l.pax 1 [Tex-Rec]
06. TONIKATTITUDE : paranoid (Aggregat Retool) [Rawhard Audio]
07. UUN : reduction (Brian Burger Remix) [Reloading]
08. VEGIM : binary trip [soon on… DEAD CERT. Records]
09. TEX-REC : l.pax 2 [Tex-Rec]
10. DOLBY D & A.PAUL : insidious act1 [Dolma]
11. BORIQUA TRIBEZ : achromatiq (Vegim Repaint) [soon on… Achromatic]
12. OMAR SOLIS : sweep noise [Assassin Soldier]
13. PFIRTER : tide (Exium Remix) [Mindtrip]
14. MONO.xID : marodeur [DEAD CERT. Records]
15. VEGIM : sequence you [soon on… Luminar]

DTR | TOKEN48 : Aphelion



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I’ve long thought of the Token imprint at the forefront of the techno scene and I’d been excited to hear the “Aphelion” compilation as soon as it was announced. Being asked to review these beautiful white records was therefore a great pleasure. But please don’t take my word for it, if you’ve even a passing interest in contemporary techno, this demands repeated listens.

Aphelion gathers some of the most respected names on the scene and takes a track from each. I’ve picked the ones that stand out for me here, but it could easily have been any of the others as all nine of these tracks are top drawer.

Planetary Assault SystemsThe 808 Track (Parts 1 & 2)” is just that – skittering percussion and glitches weaving in and out of that beautiful, rounded 808 kick and a perfectly nuanced bassline. There’s a nervy, fingers-down-the-blackboard breakdown in the middle which cranks up the tension, then the groove just goes and goes (it’s a 9 minute plus track). This is a highly danceable minimalistic workout from one of the legends.

Insectoid” by Ø [Phase] unfurls a rocking broken beat kickdrum on you and jams the point home with a relentless throbbing bassline. The accompanying hihats are superb – some clipped, precise and measured with others wide open, almost to the point of static/drone. Midway, these last hats build up to a crescendo and drive the second half of the track, where new elements are introduced and the tracks complexity becomes apparent. Probably the album highlight for me. Listen to it loud in the dark – you’ll see what I mean.

Inigo Kennedy is an artist I’ve respected for a long time, and I love the juxtaposition of the parts in “Arcing“. No intro here – straight into a seriously menacing, growling bassline and some panel beating kicks. This type of tune makes you feel like you’re running over the planet at a hundred miles an hour. This is wonderfully set off by the spacey, slightly melancholic synths. These are big, big synth notes, and when heard in isolation (a couple of times in the track) could be from a different tune. But these elements work SO well together. Masterclass.

Blawan and Pariah’s Karenn collaboration needs no introduction and “Pace Yourself” is typical of their output. Super edgy and atmospheric sounds precede the massive kicks, the atmosphere and tension builds from there. I’m always astounded how tracks like this can be dark and funky at the same time – here, some small percussive notes and cycling bass do the business. Halfway in the kicks intensify like a closing vice, and new elements of percussion and glitches come to the fore. As you hear them, you realise they have been there all the time, waiting for their chance to get out. Superb.

Added to the musical quality, if you’re a vinyl head, the release is superbly packaged, heavyweight materials, minimalistic design, a thing to admire, weigh in your hands and experience (not just aurally). All credit to Token for producing this fantastic showcase of incredible talent. Goes without saying it’s essential.

Aphelion is out now on triple LP (TOKEN48LP) with CD and download (TOKEN48D) from the usual outlets.

- Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


CLICK HERE – DEADCERT013 – Alessan Main – Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix)
CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)