DTR | SUB028 : Bosh – Substantia Nigra (incl. Brendon Moeller, Echologist, Woody McBride & JGarrett Remixes)



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Label : Subspec
CAT# : SUB028
Artist : Bosh
Title : Substantia Nigra
Released : 24 February 2015

01. Bosh – Substantia Nigra (Original Mix)
02. Bosh – Substantia Nigra (Brendon Moeller Dub)
03. Bosh – Substantia Nigra (Echologist Dub)
04. Bosh – The Hypocrisy of Consciousness (Original Mix)
05. Bosh – The Hypocrisy of Consciousness (DJ ESP Woody McBride Irony of Consciousness Remix)
06. Bosh – The Hypocrisy of Consciousness (JGarrett Dub)
07. Bosh – Believing in a Contradiction (Original Mix)

Not so long ago, my good friend said: “Techno comes in so many forms. I like how it links up with my other tastes.”

I have to agree with this statement, because with Techno you can blend almost every aspect from other music. It is like a beautiful machine that let’s you improvise and create your own structure – sky is the limit. Of course it needs skill to operate such a delicate mechanism, and Bosh is definitely a person how can handle it. His EP – Substantia Nigra on Canada’s quality Subspec Music is proof of what you can do with Techno, IF you are skillfull enough.

First, “Substantia Nigra” original mix is something I would call a “mechanical jungle.” It’s really tribal, a bit mystical I would dare to say, but still it’s a proper Techno. The primal feel is creating an atmosphere that takes us somewhere else, it lets us to be free almost. You would never expect such a thing, especially that this track is pretty minimalistic in its form, yet it grabs attention. Brendon Moeller however saw it a bit different, his remix is much more hypnotic and driving, it creates a contrast between a primal version and hypnotic one. Pretty trippy I must say, in a form that lets you melt completely in music and believe me, you would never expect such a thing from Techno. As Brendon’s alter ego Echologist he sucessfully created something that I would call my personal favourite – dark and sexy mood. It’s so dark and minimalistic, yet so powerful that you can’t miss it. I would really like to hear it in some video game, because the atmosphere of it is absolutely outstanding.

Suddenely we have a shift into “The Hypocrisy of Consciousness.” This part is really, really tricky because we are talking about Techno, and what we can hear in this track is pretty melodic, almost balearic in structure. Is something wrong? No. This is Techno, you can create it however you want – that’s the beauty. The Hypocrisy of Consciousness along with its remixes is a great contrast to Substantia Nigra. The aptly titled “DJ ESP Woody McBride Irony of Consciousness Remix” has something distinctive and magical, especially with that amazing acid line. It has that dreamy feel, where you just want to close your eyes and cut off from the world. JGarrett on the other hand brings us an ecclectic and energetic piece of music.

With “Believing in a Contradiction,” we are back on track. That calm and reflective mood is now changed into anxious anticipation, which is a good thing, because it does not make you a passive listener. The track is evolving grabbing your attention, like it wants to tell you something important and give you a message.

Substantia Nigra is an amazing complation of different aspects of Techno. It’s a definite journey from tribal, hypnotic areas to mellow and soothing rhythms. If you listen carefully, you can hear a story behind it.

I have respect for Techno producers who are breaking the boundaries and are experimenting with a genre and this EP has the whole spectrum of it.

– Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for


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DTMIXS21 – Relapso LIVE [Lisbon, PORTUGAL]


Death Techno - Relapso


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David Henriques has been on the DT radar for a couple of years with his highly impressive productions. His latest project and guise as Relapso is on a steady route to be very special. Already seeing artists like Mike Parker, Mark Morris, Samuli Kemppi, Go Hiyama, Brendon Moeller/Echologist on remix duty, it goes to show he likes a tripped out, hypnotic and atmospheric vibe, but with just the right amount of drive and craziness. This Exclusive is a live recording and showcases many of his own works that are in the pipeline…

Death Techno – DTMIXS21 – Relapso LIVE [Lisbon, PORTUGAL] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

SORRY! No tracklist… L I V E Recording

DTMIX101 – Frank Savio [Frankfurt, GERMANY]


Death Techno - Frank Savio

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Frank is as consistent a DJ as you will ever hear. His sets are honed with skill, experience and a major understanding of how to work a dancefloor. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is a resident at two successful club nights called MOVE and Lost in his native Frankfurt in Germany. Add his DJ expertise to his quality productions, releasing works on Sutter Cane’s Driving Forces, Erphun’s Brood Audio and Harthouse for example, he likes big rollers and relentless, powerful tracks. Inside his Exclusive DT set, you will find tracks from Cari Lekebusch, Kostas Maskalides, A.Paul, Kwartz, Alex Bau and many more…

Death Techno – DTMIX101 – Frank Savio [Frankfurt, GERMANY] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. ALEX DI STEFANO, BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK : bul-it code (Simo Lorenz Remix) [Renesanz]
02. CARI LEKEBUSCH : element orange [GSR]
03. KOSTAS MASKALIDES : friction [Sub:Merged]
04. RENATO COHEN : tuff guitar (Roberto Capuano Remix) [The Triangle]
05. A.PAUL : mindgame [Onh.Cet]
06. KWARTZ : breakage [PoleGroup]
07. MIKAEL JONASSON : the arches (Alex Bau Remix) [Driving Forces]
08. GABRIELA PENN : kapot [Renesanz]
09. CISCO ARIAS : ultraviolet (Krenzlin & Diego Hostettler Remix) [Driving Forces]
10. PHUTEK : organisation [Deep Water]
11. PEAT NOISE : trumpf (Darmec Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]

DTMIX100 – Electric Indigo [Vienna, AUSTRIA]


Death Techno - Electric Indigo

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The 100th guest mix milestone is here with the soundtrack provided by the highly respected Electric Indigo from Vienna. Releasing music from 1993 and seeing it land on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolos, to Kompakt, to Disko B. Having a few years living in Berlin and working at the legendary Hard Wax store, Susanne has been exposed to a wealth and unique depth of techno culture. In 1998, she founded a very important international database and network called “Female:Pressure” for female artists in electronic music and digital arts. Not only this, but she regularly lectures at educational institutions like the University of Music and Performing Arts in Austria. The mix is a wonderfully classy and well thought out masterpiece, from industrial harshness to deep and hypnotic layers. Tracks included from Dadub, Svreca, Adam X, Imugem Orihasam, Kuroi, Reeko, Monya and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX100 – Electric Indigo [Vienna, AUSTRIA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. KLARA LEWIS : msuic 1 [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion 01]
02. ELECTRIC INDIGO : zero (Dadub Remix) [Suicide Circus Dark Series]
03. KUROI : climate [Aconito Digital Series]
04. SVRECA : ebisu [Semantica]
05. DONOR/TRUSS : ash 2 [M_Rec Ltd Grey Series]
06. ADAM X : catenary [Sonic Groove]
07. IMUGEM ORIHASAM : load [Exhibition Design]
08. ELLE : ayahuasca 1 [Black String]
09. KUROI : composure [Aconito Digital Series]
10. DEZ WILLIAMS : all that remains [Trust XV-II]
11. MAKATON : lead you astray [Token]
12. DEAD SOUND : forced (AnD Remix) [Decoy]
13. ASCION : ulm [Black Sun]
14. PAULA TEMPLE : gegen [Noise Manifesto]
15. DONOR : menace is mine [Prosthetic Pressings]
16. SAWF : kaseta [Prosthetic Pressings]
17. REEKO : to the sun [Modularz]
18. XHIN : blade moth [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
19. SCALAMERIYA : delegator [Genesa]
20. MONYA : rebelier [Corresponding Positions]
21. VAL_EX : metacognition [Solar One Music]

Q&A with Electric Indigo
by Stuart Ingram & Jack! Who? for

> 01. Can you tell us about how your forthcoming album is progressing?
As it turns out, there are always more urgent projects. Right now, I am working on a new experimental live piece “109.47 degrees” that will premiere end of December in Vienna. Together with Mieko Suzuki, I am developing a sound installation for the next JULIUS show at the Paris Fashion Week and, together with Thomas Wagensommerer, I am working on a new A/V version of MORPHEME which will premiere at CTM Festival end of January.
My plan is to work on the album tracks in February and see how they evolve. I guess if I had a deadline for the album it would proceed much faster…

> 02. What or whom has inspired you to champion equality in the music industry and set up the “Female Pressure” database?
I started it because I was/am personally affected, out of a natural sense of fairness and political awareness. And, maybe above all, I had a very practical motive: I saw the need for an easily accessible source of information about female artists in my own field of activities.

> 03. Were there particular difficulties you found in developing yourself within a male dominated arena? Do you think things have changed?
I experienced both advantages and disadvantages because I am female. The biggest problem with this is that I wish sex and gender would not matter at all… The most common preconception about women in fields that have some sort of male connotation is a significantly higher level of scepticism. To confront scepticism can be a positive challenge but it has impeding effects most of the times.
Yes, things have changed. The topic is relatively popular now and there are more women visible in the music scene who release and perform at notable festivals.

> 04. Last we heard your label Indigo Inc was sleeping, have you made plans to bring it back?
No, at the moment I don’t have much interest in reviving it.

> 05. You are known for your intelligent and experimental/improvised take on electronic sound. What are the things influencing your direction right now?
Industrial sounding, broken beats and sinister, morphing, multifaceted soundscapes.

> 06. What pursuits do you enjoy outside of music and would you say these have crossed over to your sound?
Politics, philosophy, traveling, technology, arbitrary knowledge, fine arts and food. Actually, I feel that everything my mind deals with crosses over to the music I make and I play in one way or the other. But most important to me are personal relations with other people and minds. Social interactions have a very strong influence on me.

> 07. Who have been your favourite artists (not necessarily musicians) of 2014 and who will you be looking out for in 2015?
Orphx, Dadub, Robert Henke, Angelina Yershova, Paula Temple, Thomas Wagensommerer, Mika Vainio, Holly Herndon, Adriana Lopez, Pia Palme, Aiko Okamoto, Béla Borsodi, Mieko Suzuki, Christopher Nolan, Tarik Barri.
Looking forward to all of them and to: Cio D’Or, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Kuroi, Lower Order Ethics, Sonae, Aleja Sanchez, Hyperactivist.

> 08. We love your sound. Have you any stand out memories of gigs in the UK or do you have any in the pipeline?!
Oh, thank you!!! No, there’s no upcoming gig in the UK. I vividly remember Sativa in Edinburgh, must have been ’93 or ’94 – they had their famous drummers who would end the night mixing in with the DJ, competing and always winning.

> 09. What is one of your favourite tunes that you must take with you when DJing?
At the moment it’s Paula Temple’s “Gegen.”

> 10. Are there any new releases or other works you would like to mention?
My new release on Suicide Circus Records – Dark Series 007

Premiere of surround sound version of Morpheme at CTM Festival on January 31:

DTR | TRP001 : The Deviant Octopus



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Label : Trip / трип
CAT# : TRP001
Artist : Various
Title : The Deviant Octopus
Released : 8 December 2014

01. Nina Kraviz – Prozimokampleme
02. Steve Stoll – Pop Song
03. Nina Kraviz – IMPRV
04. Bjarki – Polygon Pink Toast
05. Population One – Out Of Control
06. Population One – Bonus Beat
07. Exos – Nuclear Red Guard
08. Parrish Smith – 1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide

I first heard of Nina Kraviz in a magazine interview a number of years ago and was impressed with her story. Admittedly I was just getting into techno at that point, but her sound, outlook and background struck a chord with me. Since then, much fuss has been made rightly and wrongly about the lady and her music (it seems everything that surrounds it and some things that are nothing to do with it). Media hype occupies the same space in my life as negativity (i.e. ignored) and I’ve enjoyed her music in the past, so I was interested to hear the first output from her new label simply called Trip or stylised in Russian as “трип.”

The double EP includes tracks from Kraviz and a number of other artists. It’s a varied affair but with the common theme of exploring deep, hypnotic to trippy grooves in techno. All the tracks are good but there are some clear highlights inside the minimal, textured cover art.

B1, “IMPRV” by Nina Kraviz, contains the familiar liquid vocal sample with its breathy echo, but it’s the bouncing, demanding groove that grabs the attention here. The kicks are more forefront than many of her productions, and if you listen carefully you can hear a full and beautifully arranged melody way, way out in the background. Part way through, a skittering hihat introduces a pulsating, scribbling sample as the vocals drop an octave and the groove intensifies – this is aimed straight at the dancefloor and delivers on every level.

C2, “Bonus Beat” by Population One is a fantastic lesson in making icy and unnerving electronic music. Thin, echoing notes scale up and down over 8 bar periods in the background, sounding like the unfriendliest of solar winds and anchored only by the 808 kicks. The essential element of this track is the nagging, panning tom roll. This cycles around the inside of the head like a slow-mo wall of death and could easily consume hours of your day if you let it. The track is also punctuated with flat handclaps, giving a slightly tribal feel to the somewhat obscure arrangement.

Most intriguing perhaps is D2, “1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide” by Parrish Smith. Taking a much more experimental direction than the others, its inclusion shows that Kraviz is willing to explore with this label. Frenzied percussive notes provide a loose base for a sound that I find hard to describe, maybe like vibrations in a very long cable rising and falling in the wind. A half hidden (male?) vocal repeats alongside this and adds to the sense of unreality. Under it all there is an element of constancy provided by a kick drum with nearly all the bass frequency removed. A lot to figure out in this track and for that reason I enjoyed this one the most.

For the other tracks on offer, Exos provides some clinical hypnotising techno in the form of “Nuclear Red Guard,” cranking up the BPMs and showing absolutely no mercy. Steve Stoll turns out some deep rolling bass and unsettling synth on “Pop Song” and Bjarki adds an element of the schizophrenic with a delightful tapping/whistling sample in “Polygon Pink Toast”.

Overall, this EP provides a great introduction to Trip’s direction. There is clearly a desire to provide a platform for more established artists as well as up and coming ones, there is a definite sound emerging from most of these tracks. It will be interesting indeed to see what happens with future releases – this is a very promising start.

The Deviant Octopus is out now on digital and double vinyl.

– Reviewed by Stuart Ingram for


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DTR | AFK013 : Uncode – Cmtrn EP



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Label : Affekt Recordings
CAT# : AFK013
Artist : Uncode
Title : Cmtrn EP
Released : 7 January 2015

01. Uncode – Cmtrn
02. Uncode – Crater
03. Uncode – Falls
04. Uncode – Sweden

“It’s been a while since I have listened to good techno music.” Those were my first words, when I wrote my very first review for Now that is false and out-dated, because Techno is developing quite rapidly into a direction I desire. I have no idea what happened that such a shift has taken place. I have the privilege to cover a great EP called “Cmtrn EP” by Uncode on Alex Dolby‘s quality Italian imprint named Affekt Recordings.

The first track is quite mysterious and brings us a really reflective mood, which is pretty interesting, since most people think that dance music has no emotional value. Rhythmic sections are kept to a minimum, so you can focus on trippy call-response and there is another other aspect of the track making it special – harmony. How many times have I heard that techno consists of rhythmic sections only, and that it is quite ‘primitive.’ Well, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this track proves everybody wrong. It is still techno, yet it has a full spectrum of organic sound.

My favourite track called “Crater.” Why is it my personal favourite? What we have is a driving, stompy and forceful techno with a kind of fidget characteristic. This track is my definition of techno, it is mechanic in a human way, it is like a communication between human and machine. The fidget is creating tension in a positive way, because it’s not a piece of music that could be easily absorbed by our ears, it is a sense of anticipation of what is going to happen. Such a minimalistic track, yet so powerful.

The third offering called “Falls” is really tribal. Take a listen and be amazed by all those polyrhythmic nuances. If you are going to state that it seems to be simple, well then it means that you have not grasped it fully. This track is quite complex and I wonder how many great percussive loops were used. Definitely a dancefloor smasher, because I just cannot stop moving when listening to this.

The final the track “Sweden” hits you and it hits you really hard. Great stompy kick that will sound amazing on a club soundsystem. I really like the bassline in this one, it’s quite hypnotic, but I am also impressed with the micro, glitch-like modulations that are almost unnoticeable, but believe me – they are working like a charm.

Variety. That is how I would describe “Cmtrn EP” in one word. Basically you have everything here: mystery, raw force and technicality. I should stress that it is still a dance music. Uncode has really created interesting pieces of music and I really hope that my home country will melt into this kind of techno completely, because it is intelligent, sophisticated and powerful at the same time.

– Reviewed by Filip Zwirek for


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CLICK HERE – DEADCERT014 – Bruno Ledesma / Ledd – New Routes of Thought (incl. Subfractal Remix)
CLICK HERE – EDR004 – Uun – Chaos Element (incl. DJ ESP Woody McBride & James Kelley Remixes)
CLICK HERE – TOKEN48 – Aphelion
CLICK HERE – DEADCERT013 – Alessan Main – Global Position (incl. Mick Finesse Remix)
CLICK HERE – EDR003 – JGarrett – Monochrome Pusher EP (incl. Luis Flores & Jay Zoney Remixes)

DTMIX099 – Virulent [North Carolina, USA]


Death Techno - Virulent

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Virulent has been building a rock solid reputation for over 10 years, where his production works have been featured on fantastic labels such as Illegal Alien, Slap Jaxx, From 0-1, Ill Bomb and Dystopian Rhythm. Kevin is also taking his unique techno sound to Europe for some shows soon and will see a vinyl release on Rheostatus that’s in the pipeline for March 2015. His Exclusive mix is full of energy and dark explorations that leave a lasting impact, with tracks from Ledd, Owen Sands, Hans Bouffmyhre, Angel Alanis, Makaton, Bas Mooy and more…

Death Techno – DTMIX099 – Virulent [North Carolina, USA] (320) by Death Techno

Tracklist :

01. YYYY : i could hear my own nerve cells [Illegal Alien Black Label]
02. ANNIE HALL : monde bruits [Blank Code]
03. LEDD / BRUNO LEDESMA : signal (Andres Gil Remix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
04. OWEN SANDS : mercury fold [Ill Bomb]
05. KOMPREZZOR : magik between two points (Maria Goetz Remix) [Chicago Jaxxx]
06. AHLIE BHERIE : be there be gone (Virulent Rework) [The Seed]
07. HANS BOUFFMYHRE : residual [MB Elektronics]
08. THE WELDERZ : order rand [A R T S Digital]
09. SINTOMA : erasing negative (Virulent Mix) [SecreTechno]
10. DAVE CLARKE : the storm (L.A.W. Mix) [CLR]
11. JAMIE CURNOCK : transportation (Truss Remix) [Onnset]
12. ANGEL ALANIS : the card [Unreleased]
13. MAKATON : night #1 [Token]
14. RED SQUARE : variable (Mono.xID’s Rectified Remix) [Shifted Soul]
15. JONAS KOPP : tau ceti [Tresor]
16. LAG : kontrola (Bas Mooy Remix) [MORD]
17. AXKAN : fear (Justin Schumacher Remix) [Reloading]
18. VIRULENT vs. MARIA GOETZ : a final solitaire [Unreleased]
19. NX1 : nx1 06 018 [NX1]
20. MAXIME DANGLES : cryptik (Johannes Heil Shaded Remix) [Skryptöm]